The cleaning of your
professional spaces

Well-maintained spaces improve your company’s brand image while increasing your employees’ productivity thanks to a pleasant and healthy environment. HM Services takes care of the cleanliness of your premises with expertise and efficiency, for impeccable results.

A full maintenance

Whether it’s shops, schools, meeting rooms or law firm offices, we can provide in-depth cleaning for your private or public buildings. From dust removal to ventilation, including washing and disinfecting your interior surfaces (offices, kitchens, cupboards, equipment, floors, walls, etc.) and/or exterior surfaces (walkways, car parks, etc.), our qualified and experienced technicians guarantee a healthy environment, whatever the specific characteristics of the premises (carpeting, high windows, etc.).

Adapted equipment

To ensure impeccable hygiene down to the smallest detail, we use high-quality professional equipment that combines efficiency with respect for the environment:

Tailor-made solutions

To meet your expectations as closely as possible, we work with you to draw up precise specifications for your needs, including details of the services you require, their frequency, etc. We work according to the agreed terms and conditions, particularly in terms of schedules, so as not to disrupt your activities, and always in strict compliance with health standards.

Whether you need occasional cleaning or regular maintenance (daily, weekly or monthly), our company has the expertise and equipment to provide you with effective cleaning services and specific treatments tailored to each surface.

Maintenance and handling of your parquet flooring

Do you have parquet flooring in your premises? Whether solid, sealed or laminate, this type of flooring requires special care to maintain its sheen, longevity and resistance. Our team also includes experts who can restore, renovate or simply maintain your parquet flooring. Take advantage of specific services such as varnishing or sanding, as well as personalised advice.

Cleaning and prevention

Why opt for regular professional maintenance of your workspaces?

Fully familiar with health and safety regulations, our technicians will clean your premises and various surfaces, ensuring that your companies, shops and other offices comply with established standards. In addition, frequent maintenance prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt of all kinds, thereby preventing the deterioration of working spaces.

Performance and expertise
Care and professionalism
Compliance with health standards
Speed and flexibility

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