Flawless cleaning after construction works

Following construction or renovation works, a lot of waste, dirt and toxic residues can remain. Rigorous clean-up is therefore essential to restore the site to its original state before reoccupation, to ensure that the environment is both usable and healthy for its occupants and visitors. You can rely on our team to leave your premises perfectly clean after your construction works.

A major undertaking

This is a large-scale job involving complete clearing and cleaning of the premises to remove all traces of residues or dangerous components. Glues and paints, for example, release volatile compounds and toxic particles as they dry, which can then be inhaled by residents and cause irritation or even poisoning.

The ideal solution is to use the services of a company specialising in major clean-ups, which will be able to leave your premises completely free of any potentially dangerous elements, in accordance with the regulations in force. Using the right tools and specific skills, experienced professionals will ensure an impeccable job.

The essential steps

Simple cleaning is obviously not enough in this situation. Contact us for an impeccable restoration, from the removal of debris to the most meticulous finishing touches.

Your painting jobs at the best price

Are you looking for qualified professionals to take care of the interior and/or exterior painting of your building? Our team also includes experienced specialists who can take care of your renovation and painting works at a competitive price. Limit the number of contractors and entrust your projects to a single company, for quality work that is both thorough and meticulous, right through to the final clean-up.

Thoroughness and care
Qualified professionals
Adapted equipment

Need a quick quote?

Is your private or professional building being refurbished and are you looking for a company you can trust to carry out major cleaning works and restore it to its former glory? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a proposal tailored to your needs and budget. We intervene rapidly in Brussels, as well as in Walloon Brabant, Flemish Brabant, the province of Namur and the Charleroi region.