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The cleaning of industrial sites, factories, hangars and warehouses differs from conventional maintenance in terms of techniques and processes. In addition, the many constraints imposed by each sector of activity also complicate the job. Only professionals who are familiar with the regulations in force can guarantee results that live up to your expectations.

Complex methods

Our technicians will deliver the services you need combining safety, hygiene and efficiency, in strict compliance with health, ecological and environmental standards. We maintain the premises and any equipment requiring special care (machine tools, ventilation systems, laboratory equipment, etc.) and do everything possible to ensure that the production chain is not disrupted in any way.

Specialised, mastered techniques

Depending on requirements, we carry out specific cleaning operations using appropriate equipment (sweeper, scrubber-dryer, industrial hoover, etc.):

Hazard control

In the industrial sector, hazards are part of everyday life for cleaning professionals. They may be exposed to all sorts of potentially toxic components such as asbestos and germs and may also have to work in high-risk areas (heights, fire, chemical hazards, etc.).

Trained and experienced, our team has the quality protective equipment and the knowledge needed to work safely. Calling on our company for the maintenance of your premises means total peace of mind on your part.

Compliance with health standards
specific to each sector
Protective equipment

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We operate in Brussels as well as in Walloon Brabant and Flemish Brabant to guarantee impeccable hygiene of your industrial premises. We can also operate in the province of Namur and the Charleroi region. Whatever your sector (agri-food, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, factories, etc.), we put our expertise and professionalism at your service.

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